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Denis Eugène Robert


BA, College Mount-Saint-Louis, Montréal.


1970 - 1980

Studies in architecture and photography with the late architect

Ernest Cormier as his last private student. Cormier was one of the first architects to use photo projections in his courses at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal. Works: University of Montreal, Supreme Court, Ottawa, and Monumental Doors of United Nations. 



Creates in Montréal the first gallery-boutique dedicated to design objects: 2 x 3


1974 - 1980 

Responsible for classification of the historical Art Deco residence,1418 Pines Ave, built in Montreal by architect Ernest Cormier in 1931. Having acquired the property and after restoring it, the house was sold in 1980 to Pierre E. Trudeau then Prime minister of Canada.


1972 - 1999 

Numerous trips to Egypt, a period of intense photographic explorations. Presentation of his work in the form of audio-visual conferences. 



A 90 minutes documentary “La Science Prodigieuse des Pharaons” presented under the patronage of Les Grands Explorateurs. The conferences were a great success drawing 175,000 spectators with 14 extra representations in Montreal alone.


1982 - 1998 

Designer for the optical chain of stores Greiche & Scaff in Montréal and in large cities throughout Quebec.


1992 - 2000 

Interior design in the Miami, residence of Venezuelan banker Alfredo Beracasa.



President of the Society of Egyptology of Florida, several audio-visual conferences on Ancient Egypt.


1996 - 2000

A body of work in macro photography featuring the flora of South Florida. 


2000 - 2006 

After several years in Coconut Grove, a return to Montréal, and the preparation for the documentary “Egypt of the Origins”. Numerous visits to photograph artefacts from the Egyptian collection of the great museums of Europe and of the Cairo Museum. The 60 minutes documentary was completed in 2009. After six years of work, the visual, the sound track and the synchronization were finally ready to be shown.


2007 - 2009

Time for another move: Paris 1, Place du Louvre. Still life photography: lotus pond at the Parc Floral in Vincennes.


On June 10, presentation of documentary “L’Égypte des Origines” at the Collège de France for the 20th anniversary of Archéo-Nil

2011 - 2012

Two exhibitions at la Galerie de l'Europe in Paris: "Sublime Décadence" and Rêves d'Eau.


2011 - 2015

Several trips to Venice and Rome in preparation for new photo exhibitions in Paris. It is also the beginning of a long undertaking that will last 5 years; a study on the interaction of various skyscrapers at futuristic district La Défense in Paris and their multiple reflections at various times of the day.

2016 - 2024

Following those years of work at La Défense, a series of abstract artworks have been conceived. These large format prints will be part of future exhibitions.


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